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Junior's University of Science and Technology

Just what your child needs ...

Diverting From Traditions:

Just (Juniors University of Science and Technology)

This program is designed  with intense focus on making sure that  students can become some of the highest income earners in future  and more importantly can potentially become entrepreneurs rather than "employees" if they wish to.  This is in order to keep up with the rapidly changing teaching methods in the modern world where  bright students are proven to  learn much faster by making use of digital environment around them. It is worth every fraction of a cent to equip new generations with most sophisticated tools for them to go out and successfully compete  to become the leaders and win the best living standards they potentially can while they are still very young. However,  this is not a very new idea. This program was impressed by some of the advanced programs offered by Australian National University and Gungahlin College (Smart Program), in which bright and dedicated students as young as in year 9 and 10 are taught advanced subjects such as robotics, architecture, computer science, chemistry, physics and many more. 


​Please understand that this program is NOT for every student. 

​In JUST program, in addition to core subjects of Maths and English  we teach  a number of professional  subjects well ahead of time. However, only one additional subject is taught in a given year.  The program starts from year 7 and students have an option of learning four additional subjects by the time they finish year 10. In some areas, students have an opportunity to write additional exams offered by the vendors of the application such as SQL, Revit and SolidWorks.

Each subject is carefully chosen based on the criteria below.

  1. Students proficient in the subjects should be able to find  jobs internationally rather quickly.

  2. The jobs should be highly paid. 

  3. The proficiency  in the subjects should provide students with opportunities to become entrepreneurs should they decide to be their own boss.  

  4. There should be a decent variety for students to choose from that they like and master their skills in that particular area.

Duration: 40 hrs over a period of one year.


A de-facto database language used to communicate with the most commercially available databases and the proficient users can find jobs in a number of roles  in IT industry worldwide. 

Duration: 40 hrs over a period of one year.

Medical Terminology:

For students who want to be in the profession of Medicine.  This is with an intention to  teach the medical language to potential doctors of the future. 

Duration: 40 hrs over a period of one year.

​Chemistry: For students who want a head start in Chemistry and with an intention of scoring higher marks when they are in college or university  

Physics: For students who want a head start in Physics  and with an intention of scoring higher marks when they are in college or university.  

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