The programs are specially designed to help your child manage time and become disciplined so that they can easily outperform their peers in school. We utilize new and proven techniques to help children learn fast.

We can provide children with the key skills in subjects that are proven to improve grades. Key areas include  Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  Whether your child is struggling with a subject or simply wanting to improve grades,  programs are guaranteed to help.


"Devoted, dedicated, committed, passionate and professionals."  That's how we describe ourselves. 


We are proudly an innovative insititute, positively changing  the way education is delivered.  We do this by utilizing the most modern technology, contemporary and proven methods and by working tirelessly to achieve goals. We do this by foreseeing the needs of students today that will provide them with a competetive edge tomorrow. We make sure students get what they need. We believe in early intervention so that  we can carve the future of individuals.

Academic Enrichment

+ Literacy and Mathematics

+ Congnitive Skills

+ Readers Theater

+ Book Club
+ Creative Writing 
+ Math, Science and Technology

+ Online meetings
+ Junior Achievement Enrichment

+ Achievement Acknowledgement 

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